Termites In Bush Areas Of Pullenvale, Brookefield And Bellbowrie

Termites In Bush Areas Of Pullenvale, Brookefield And Bellbowrie

There are suburbs of Brisbane such as Pullenvale, Brookefield and Bellbowrie that we do quite a lot of work in. These area are high foliage or bush areas, so the risk or termite attacks on buildings is high. We have many clients already whose properties we protect in these suburbs with regular termite inspections and pest control strategies. Unfortunately and occasionally though, we are called into a property too late and termite damage is significant.

The risk of termites in bush areas of Brisbane and South East Queensland is high as termites can easily move into a house undetected. So if you live in a bush area, it is important you take appropriate measures to protect your building. The first action you can take is to call us on 07 3201 1425 and organise regular termite inspections. Our annual inspections will go a long way to ensure we catch these termite movements before irreparable damage is done.

Something you can do yourself is ensure you move all termite food sources away from your house. Remember termites primarily eat wood, so move all wood sources away from the buildings you are trying to protect. This includes firewood piles, dead stumps, timber and other wooden waste. Quite often in Queensland, waste timber is stored under a house. This is a potential termite disaster. Move this waste away from your buildings to protect them.

Termites are also attracted to water. So where possible, keep the areas around your home dry and free of leaks and water outlets. Dripping air-conditioning units for example can become a source of moisture that attracts termites. This type of moisture should be collected rather than be allowed to soak the ground next to buildings.

If you come across a termite nest, DO NOT disturb it. If you disturb it the termites will scatter which may leave identification and appropriate treatment difficult. Rather call Termite Rescue on 07 3201 1425 so we can properly evaluate what the situation is and take proper measures. Most people panic when they find termites and take things into their own hands. This makes our job more difficult. If you find termites, don’t panic, just give us a call. Let the professionals assess the situation for a most effective resolution to the problem.