Our Termite & Pest Control Services

We specialise in termite and general pest management, covering a huge range of insects such as bees, lice, wasps, moths, bedbugs, ticks, spiders, ants and silverfish. 

Choose the team with years of experience and on the cutting edge of technology – Termite Rescue. 

Pest & Termite Inspections

We are Brisbane’s top termite and pest inspectors. We offer:

  • Pre Purchase and Pre Sale termite inspections
  • Regular structural pest inspections
  • Meeting all standards of the AS4349.3
  • Giving you peace of mind for your investment

Termites are a huge issue for homes and buildings across Australia. 

Termite Treatments

We are Brisbane’s foremost providers of termite and pest control systems, we provide:

  • Over 40 years of industry experience with cutting edge technology
  • The top reactive systems to control termites
  • A wide range of products including Termador and Exterra baiting systems

Don’t risk it, if you think that you currently have issues with your property!

General Pest Control

Termites are not the only pest that we handle here. From cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, ants, mice and rats – we treat and protect your home and family from them all!

Stop uninvited house guests in their tracks with our full range of residential or commercial pest treatments. 

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Our pre-purchase inspections will:

  • Give your mortgage broker their requirements to fulfill your financing
  • Give you peace of mind against termites, when buying your home or property
  • Honest, Expert Unbiased opinion of the termite maintenance required
  • Save you from unexpected expenses after you buy

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