Introducing a $2MILLION Termidor Assurance Warranty.


Termidor has been protecting Australian home-owners against Subterranean Termites for 10 years now.

Being, I believe, unmatchable in performance ( none of my clients have had a failed Termidor barrier) there are some important features to consider before choosing your Termite Specialist.


If you are getting a few quotes for either immediate termite treatment or Termite Prevention for your home (I always recommend to get 3 quotes) please be careful of generic “termidor copies”. Let me explain. The last couple of years has seen the introduction of very cheap generic chemicals which contain the same main active constituent of Termidor which is a compound called FIPRONIL.Some operators pass off these generic Fipronil concentrates as Termidor. Probably, in many cases,no harm is intended by the termite technician, and with favourable conditions the generic formulation will deliver results as expected for the home-owner. However, what happens if termites come back??????


Being an Accredited Termidor Applicator, if termites come back during one of my client’s warranty period, the owners of Termidor, BASF, step into the picture.This means my client’s best interests are served in backing up the product. So how is that different to another termite contractor?


Subject to conditions being met, as an Accredited Termidor Applicator, I can arrange Termidor Assurance Warranty for the covered building/s for structural damage up to $2 million dollars, which means if the worst happens, and termites cause structural damage that the assurance is in place backed by one of the world’s leading companys.


That is why I chose to become an Accredited Termidor Applicator.


Termidor is a very special product and, provided it is installed by an Accredited Termidor Applicator, adhering to strict guidelines set by BASF and subject to conditions being met for each individual property, may qualify for the $2 million dollar warranty.