TERMATRAC – The World’s Number One Termite Detector

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TERMATRAC – The World’s Number One Termite Detector

TERMATRAC……The world’s No.1 Termite Detector

Introducing the Termatrac T3i

Introducing the one and only Termatrac T3i- the only device that detects, confirms and tracks the presence of termites.

  • The Termatrac T3i is the most advanced termite detection device in the world.
  • With patented radar detection, a remote thermal sensor, the 3-in1 device is the ultimate tool for the professional pest management technician
  • It detects, confirms and tracks the presence of termites through an ingenious combination of cutting edge radar technology, backed by thermal and moisture sensors.
  • An easy to use tool that assists you in getting the job done confidently
  • The T3i also lets you capture site data for on or off site analysis
  • The use of fewer chemicals results in a positive environmental benefit.
  • It removes the fear of failing to identify the presence of termites.

Just like the termites themselves, if your competitors attempt to quote against you without a Termatrac T3i, they don’t stand a chance.

Features: RADAR

Detects movement in or behind most surfaces.
Can be used to detect termites in hard to reach places.
Reads movement on a PDA up to 20 yards away from the source.
Detects just one termite.

Features: MOISTURE

Detects any change in moisture across surfaces.
Auto calibrates to any material.
Any slight increase or decrease in moisture is immediately shown.
Provides additional confidence in locating termites.

Features: THERMAL

Detects changes in surface temperature.
Bar graph display shows clear results.
Exact temperature changes are displayed numerically.
Ability to choose a new reference point.

Features: REPORTS

Comes with a Personal Digital Assistant. (PDA) with Bluetooth.
Capture, record and report if there is any termite activity.
Captures raw data to be reviewed later.