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“I don’t need termite protection for my steel-frame house” . She was adamant I was not going to win the argument.

I don’t have arguments with prospective client’s of mine. As my peers in this industry will tell you, if asked, my reputation is being a problem-solver..NOT a problem-maker!!

“Tea or coffee?” I detected a softening in her voice as her gaze left the termite report on the kitchen bench and gently asked. “Anything white and two,thank’s” I had just completed a thorough inspection of the termite-ridden house.

Anyway, the steel frames supporting the Gyprock wall linings had not been affected by the buzzing hive of Coptotermes Sp.continuing to digest the remaining scraps of musty old medical journals in the basement library room.So the house wasn’t about to fall over, was it?

“Those books were the pride and joy of my father’. She was dunking my teabag in the steaming mug.”They are insured with our household cover policy for $6,000 but that money won’t bring back my father’s books.” Picking up the termite report she placed my mug in it’s place.”How much would your quote come down for cash?’ My eyes stuck steady, but not threateningly on her’s and as she looked away I said “ 10% discount for cash on the day”.

“You’d better book me in then. How soon can you start?”

A steel framed construction in SE QLD is a very positive step in the right direction..however it affords NO PROTECTION against Subterranean Termites rifling through and possibly destroying house contents, kitchen joinery, carpets, parquetry floors, architraves, and anything in the house and garage which is attractive to their taste buds.

Termites can be ravenous, destroying up to one lineal metre of “fodder” in 24 hours.

That is why I always recommend atleast Annual Timber Pest Inspections to steel-framed buildings in Brisbane and it’s neighbouring shires.