Pest Inspections Before Buying Or Selling A House In Brisbane

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Pest Inspections Before Buying Or Selling A House In Brisbane

Buying a house is a huge decision in life and whether it’s an investment property or your new home there are manyimportant steps that need to be taken. Termites and other pests are a real problem and not one to be taken lightly!

This problem is reflected in statistics, with one quarter of homes in the Brisbane and Ipswich regions experiencing problems with these pests during their lifetime!

In our pre-purchase inspections we’ll be able to tell you if there are termites currently present and if there have been termites in the past.

This information is crucial, as these pests can be a huge expense further down the track and can even destroy your home.

The inspection report contains critical information which is essential for your broker to complete the financing paperwork, while also alerting you to any problems that may require immediate attention.

Identifying potential maintenance for termites is equally important – if you live in an area where termites are a problem, although your property may not yet be affected we highlight steps you can take to ensure it stays that way.

This makes our termite inspections a smart investment.

As with any major decision in your life, it is best to ensure you have a professional to help you diagnose any potential issues – that’s where the team at Termite Rescue come in.

With our team you can be sure the person who comes to do the pre-purchase inspection is solely there for that purpose – our professional will conduct a thorough and extensive inspection of the property and in some cases we can have this report to you the next day.

It is important that any Building Inspections are carried out by a professional in the building industry, and the same goes for your Timber Pest Inspections.

Trusting the professionals has never been easier than with the team at Termite Rescue – with our decades of knowledge and experience, your potential purchase is safe in our capable hands.