Pest Control Over The Christmas Holidays – German Cockroaches

Pest Control Over The Christmas Holidays – German Cockroaches

One of our biggest health concerns in South East Queensland are the germs and diseases carried by German Cockroaches. They are very common and once they get into your home, they are very hard to eradicate. Unfortunately, populations of these cockroaches often explode in peoples’ homes in the months after Christmas – they really are an unwanted and surprise Christmas gift for many unsuspecting homeowners and families.

They way it tends to work over this time of year is as follows. German cockroaches are a commercial pest. This basically means they most often live in commercial stores, departments stores and warehouses. This includes most of the big shops we all shop in when looking to buy Christmas gifts for family members. So for the sake of an example, lets say a female pregnant German cockroach is living in the your local department store today.

This cockroach at some point crawls into a child’s toy which is in a packed box and stays there. The cockroach stays there as the conditions for her survival in the packaged box are very good for the cockroach. As the weeks leading up to Christmas pass by, somebody buys the toy for their child, completely unaware of the little critter hiding inside. The toy is stored in the cupboard at home for a week, then wrapped up and put under the tree. The person who bought this gift is completely unknowing that she just brought a pregnant German cockroach home.

Come Christmas morning, the package is ripped open and in the Christmas confusion, the cockroach takes off undetected for the nearest dark corner or crack in the home. During the following weeks she lays her eggs and stays around. Before this family knows it, German cockroaches are everywhere, making a horrible smell in the cupboards, spreading germs and creating a really unhealthy environment.

This scenario is how german cockroaches proliferate through homes in Brisbane and its surrounds during the festive season. It happens this way every year, exactly as described above. So please keep in mind over the coming weeks that it is likely german cockroaches will enter your home within Christmas gifts. Be vigilant, they are a major health concern for your family. If you think you have an issue with these pests, please call us on 07 3201 1425 and we will send one of our professional technicians around to resolve the issue.