Important Information About Australian Cockroaches And Ticks

Important Information About Australian Cockroaches And Ticks

It’s coming up to that time of year again we all hate! All the creepy crawlies seem to get bigger and I’m sure they travel in packs!

You can always tell when we’ve had a decent rain in Brisbane and surrounds because the cockroaches turn to the inside warmth and dry for protection. If you have young children at home you’ll know that terrible feeling when you see them within feet of your little angels crawling on the floor.

The other thing we tend not to think too much about which is potentially a much bigger problem is the ticks. Now it’s a bit of a myth that you have to live in or near the bush to have ticks around, you don’t! They can live in any yard in any house in any city given the opportunity. Every backyard is a potential home for these little nasties.

Given a trip to the vet for a tick on your pet can cost you into the thousands of dollars it’s absolutely a must to protect your home. It’s not just the family dog though, if your kids are playing outside they are just as susceptible to ticks. Thankfully they’re much easier to spot on the non-hairy children and you can usually deal with them very quickly.

The good news is you can treat your whole home inside and out at the same time in one visit. Plus you can have your property treated for ants, spiders and other general pests at the same time! Ask us for a quote to give your castle the full protection treatment, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save getting it all done at the same time in one call out.

Give yourself peace of mind and protect your family from the dreaded summer pilgrimage of pests. Call Termite Rescue, Brisbane’s number 1 pest professionals for your obligation-free quote today on (07) 3201 1425.