Posted on Friday, April 5th, 2013.

What you’ll see us do as we use Biflex to protect your home against termites.?


The basic idea to protect your home against termites is the same for all homes. You can create a barrier with the help of soil around your home in which termites cannot be peneterated. We know that termites move through the cracks in metal or concrete so the barrier should be continuous to stop its movement. Termites can be entered even through the smallest cracks available on metal or concrete surfaces.


We have to work seriously on large grounds instead of taking some innitial steps around the perimeter of the house. A large number of places require treatments against termites. We need to make sure that the barrier is continous but changes in the treatment<>/a may occur depending on the structure, activity, termite species, state laws and product label restrictions. The use of special equipment is also allowed in some situations. There are different stages to complete the whole process successfully.

  1. At first stage a complete inspection is done to identify termite species, activity, termite problems and related issues. We can help to find out corrective measures, recommendations and treatment activities.
  2. At the second stage following procedures are performed.
    • The first step is to treat and trench the foundation.
    • If the house has crawl space or basement then trench and treat inside crawl space.
    • The soil must be treated under a crawl space.
    • Different parts of the structure or treat the plant boxes under them.
    • The soil under sanitary fittings must be treated and the panels should be cut accordingly.
    • The spaces around the chimney must be treated along with the hollow blocks.
    • The ducts near slabs must be well treated.
    • The soil beneath the porche or deck must be treated.
    • The expansion joints, cracks and voids must be treated under slabs.
    • The pipes and utility lines areas are treated.
    • The holes around the perimeter of the slab must be treated.
    • You need to treat the house and steps, colonies along with trees.