Homegaurd Termiflex Adhesive And Sealant – Facts

Homegaurd Termiflex Adhesive And Sealant – Facts

By Kerry Webb FMC Technical Manager-Specialty

FMC is pleased to announce that it has been registered for homeguard termiflex. The products related to homeguard and Terminate Management System is working fine. It is flexible and multifunctioned product among homeguard toolboxes to help in its installation process. It is important to know that what Homeguard Termiflex is.

Termiflex is a kind of adhesive material that can be applied on building materials like wood, brick, concrete, plastic and steel. These homeguard products are being used to make sure the complete bonding. The homeguard sheets can also be used to form corners and other things due to which damaged or punctured sheets can be repaired.

The homeguard termiflex is excellent to protect your home as it can be used to make barriers continuous and complete. You can fill the gaps and holes in slabs, framework or footings of the wall to stop termites. This material can be used to stop termites from entering intho homes through cabling or wires. You can make flexible seals using termiflex material in your home construction.

The HomeGuard Termiflex is tested at various places including South Wales and areas in the Northern. The termites can be repeled or resisted or attracted being a unique and the only one barrier in such products. The packaging of the Termiflex is in polyethylene which is familiar and popular due to its volumes. FMC is happy to introduce a new product to protect your home against different kinds of termites.