A termite management procedure carried out to your home or business premises can employ different types of control product and outcomes, in respect to time restraints, toxicity concerns and required longivety of ongoing protection.


Bait systems such as EXTERRA TERMITE INTERCEPTION AND BAITING PROGRAMMES offer a sensible low-environmental impact control solution.


However, as with any chosen type of termite control system, there are obvious advantages and compromises. Baiting systems of all types and different “indirect” modes of action invariably require more service visits by the technician in order to check, clean and replenish the various baiting components, and often the indirect translocation method employed by feeding stations is, although thorough in extermination of the actual cell nests, a long process taking up to, in my own experiences, 9 months to eradicate the termite infestation. So, a large portion of the final cost quotation for these types of systems becomes for relatively often and expensive service visits by the installing company.


On the other hand, CHEMICAL SOIL TREATMENTS and COLONY CONTROL FOAMING PROCEDURES are much more direct and, in the longer term, more affordable options.


For example, I recently was called to provide advice to a home-owner in a Brisbane outer suburb who had discovered small mud spots appearing on Gyprock wall linings in the studio theatre room ensuite. The culprit? Coptotermes Sp. (termites) were entering the house via the underground power line live feed conduit in the electrical meter box, on the brick house wall.


Electrical hazards such as this situation commands the use of no liquid. Therefore, I recommended and subsequently installed an Exterra feeding station to the bathroom wall, allowing the safe execution of what turned out to be a 100% successful elimination of the Royal Cell (main nest). The location of the main nest (now dead)!! Remains unknown.



Choosing the best method of termite treatment is not a task a home-owner can always make alone. A Termite experienced professional can explain all options and help you make the right investment decision.