Avoiding Termite Damage In Pullenvale, Greater Brisbane

Avoiding Termite Damage In Pullenvale, Greater Brisbane

Pullenvale really is a great place to live. Many homes are on acreage and it is a really peaceful location. There is plenty of bushland which also encourages plenty of our native birds and wildlife. Pullenvale is the perfect place to raise a family. Unfortunately though, all the things that make Pullenvale a great suburb to live in, also make it a potential hotspot for termite activity. So we have written this article to give you some tips on protecting your home, against termites.

We have written this article in November, as this time of the year plays a big part in successful termite management in the region. October and November are the times that the dry season in South East Queensland comes to its end and our storm season starts. This is important as the heavy rains and humid days that come with our storm season always result in termite explosions. It happens every year. So now is the time to be vigilant and do everything you can to protect your buildings and major structures.

The first thing you can do is check your gutters. Ensure they are clear so water drains effectively rather than overflowing down your walls. The less water you have pooling or stagnating around or within your home the better. Termites thrive in these areas so if you have such spots, fix the issue.

Check all the trees near your house. Check hollow or rotting trees. Not only are these potentially dangerous in a storm, they also provide a perfect environment for a termite nest. If you have suspect live trees, have them checked out by a professional arborist. If you have decaying stumps close to your buildings, have them removed. Remember with these trees, that termites travel up to 50 metres away from their main nest looking for food and water. Keep this distance in mind from your buildings when inspecting the trees on your property.

It is also the time of year that termite alates take wing. Keep an eye out for them on hot nights after rain. This is when they leave their nests looking for potential new sites to start a new nest. Sighting airborne alates on your property should alert you to the existence of termites and prompt you to get a professional inspection done. Finding alates within your home should alert you to a probable termite problem with your building. If this happens, it is essential you contact us for a thorough inspection of your home immediately.

As always, the best defence against termite infestation of your property is a regular and up to date termite inspection and management program. Remember that termites are everywhere in Pullenvale and throughout South East Queensland. An effective prevention regime is much more cost-effective than an eradication program. It’s an investment in the upkeep of your building well worth making.