Ants To Be Aware Of: Coastal Brown & The Whitefooted House Ants

Ants To Be Aware Of: Coastal Brown & The Whitefooted House Ants

Coastal Brown Ants

Coastal Brown Ant (Pheidole megacephala) are common Brisbane pests. Usually found excavating under patio pavers and slabs, their presence often pre-empts termite entry into the adjoining building. A relationship has emerged between the presence of Coastal Brown Ant and subterranean termites. Being commensal in similar “non-poisoned soils”the discovery of these ubiquois insects in a building’s foundation surrounds, usually means there is no current termite poison in the soil. Coastal Brown Ant and Singapore Ant often infest lawns, the soldiers cracking open grass seeds etc.

These small brown ants along with the smaller black ants can undermine bedding sand under pavers and house slabs causing subsidence and develop large hard to locate colonies. These types of ants, therefore, should be considered a structural pest of buildings in South East Qld and beyond.

Whitefooted House Ant

Whitefooted House Ant (Technomyrmex albipes) prefer carbohydrates such as sugars, glue and fermented cordials. This nuisance pest is common in Brisbane homes. Control can usually be achieved using sugar-based baits such as Borax.These ants love to establish arboreal nests in raked cathedral ceilings causing annoying falling frass below for the occupants.

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