Ant Removal and Control Ideas For Brookfield, Greater Brisbane

Ant Removal and Control Ideas For Brookfield, Greater Brisbane

If you live in Brisbane’s suburb of Brookfield, the chances are you have had a proliferation of black ants in your yard, and with the recent rain we have had it is possible they are invading your home. The first thing you must realise is that ants as a pest problem are a completely solvable problem. You don’t have to live with them. Good news isn’t it. So what can we do to minimise the impact of ants in our homes?

The first and most obvious tip is to remove any food sources that are attracting ants. This typically means crumbs and food scraps that may fall off plates, benches and tables and be left on the floor, for even short periods of time. If you have kids, this is probably a bit of a challenge – but here is an idea, why not task the kids with the daily sweeping as one of their regular chores. That could be a great way to reduce ants and also get your children to “earn their keep” at home.

The next tip is to try to remove obvious access bridges from outside into your home. Often ants will access your home by using trees or shrubs that are touching your building. Maybe there is something else creating a bridge from an ants natural habitat outside and your house. Remove these bridges where possible, not making it so easy to get inside.

For smaller infestations, you may be able to effectively treat the ants with commercial chemical treatments that you can buy at a supermarket. Try these for effectiveness. Pay particular attention to safety guidelines though as these chemicals are poisonous and you want to ensure safety of your pets and family members.

For larger infestations, you should probably give us a call and let us carry out a more robust inspection and treatment. There could be environmental reasons why the larger infestation is occurring, which with our decades of experience we will be able to identify and help you on your way to eradicating these pests from your life. So if ants are a big problem for you at the moment, give our pest control experts a call at Termite Rescue, we would love to see you free of them.

As always, the best defence against termite infestation of your property is a regular and up to date termite inspection and management program. Remember that termites are everywhere in Pullenvale and throughout South East Queensland. An effective prevention regime is much more cost effective than an eradication program. It’s an investment in the upkeep of your building well worth making.