At Termite Rescue we are accredited installers of Kordon. This is for both new constructions and renovations to existing structures. What this means to you, is that when Termite Rescue installs Kordon to your new home or to your renovation we register your site with Bayer. Once this has been done you are covered by Bayer’s Kordon Product Warranty.

One of the reasons that we became accredited Kordon installers is that we believe it is the best in Physical/Chemical Barriers available. Did you know that Kordon has been extensively tested by the CSIRO and as a result of this testing, it has been proven to have a life in excess of 50 years (in durability and design). It also meets all the requirements of the Australian Building Code.

It is safe for renovations and newly constructed buildings. It is allergen free and classified as “non hazardous”. It has been installed in over 120,000 buildings throughout Australia, all facts which together should give you comfort that this Kordon blanket will protect you home and your family.

They way Kordon works is that once it is installed and compressed with concrete it release Deltamethrin which is imbedded in the fibres of the kOrdon and this prevents Subterranean Termites entering the structure through concealed areas such as Pipes and Cold Joints. Subterranean Termites live in nests usually in the root ball of a tree or under concrete living off the cellulose in the timber.

They forage for food via underground mud tubes. They feed off timber products even paper and cardboard. They have been known to forage up to 50m away from their nests.

Subterranean Termites will gain access to the timber in your building via joins in concrete known a cold joints, cracks in the concrete or gaps around pipes. These are areas where Kordon is applied. Deltamethrin in the Kordon Blanket is the active chemical as it is highly repellent to Subterranean Termites.

Regular Annual Subterranean Termite Inspections carried out by Professional Subterranean Termite Inspectors will discover signs of Subterranean Termite damage and/or workings and live activity in a nest. These can be easily treated before they can set up home on your property.

Please call Termite Rescue today for advice on having Kordon installed to your renovation or to your new home under construction.